You can only wonder what the consequences for his country will be if he doesn’t conclude an armistice, to say nothing of the effect on the World’s economy.

So far he’s managed to get attention in the World’s legacy media that Comrade Jacinda of Nu Tirani could only dream of. The war of words has been just as great as the war of missiles and economically just as destructive.

The warmongers in the Biden administration and NATO countries have enjoyed both forms of the war immensely, ramping up their fervor and frenzy every day, which Zelensky has fed with phenomenal allegations of atrocities committed by his enemies in the Kremlin. Just today he has claimed that his troops will discover more atrocities in areas that Russians have yet to retreat from. No doubt, more will presented to the chaperoned western Mainstream Media, but the question of who committed them will be the subject of more dispute.

Are Biden and NATO really interested in peace, or do they want this war to continue? If it’s the latter, expect the economic ride ahead to be rougher than it was during the scamdemic.