It’s likely that most of alleged atrocities were actually committed by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi forces, the people that Comrade Jacinda is sending armaments to.


It appears there was a false flag attack by Ukrainian forces on their own people at the railway station in Kramatorsk. While a BBC report shows quite clearly that the missile was a Tochka used only by the Ukrainian side, a BBC television report said the missile used “was of a type used by the Russians” – the exact opposite of the truth, as their own image showed.

Even President Zelensky confirmed it was a Tochka missile which hit the Kramatorsk railway station killing some 50 people waiting to be evacuated. This BBC report confirms with this image in their report that this was the missile:

The Russian military said that it had pinpointed the location from which the missile had allegedly been launched.

According to defence officials, it came from the town of Dobropole, which is located southwest of Kramatorsk and has been under the control of Ukrainian forces. The Russian forces have almost total control of the airspace and have tracked missiles and ground forces during this war so this tracking report is credible.

The attack on Kramatorsk also closely resembles another missile strike that killed 17 people in the city of Donetsk in mid-March. (see Freenations post about that missile attack)

The Russian Ministry of Defence said that the Tochka U missile, is a weapon system that “only Ukrainian forces use.”

The local Donetsk militia, which consider Kramatorsk as part of the Donetsk People’s Republic, claimed the missile was a Tochka U of the Ukrainian forces. Its leadership said Ukraine has a long record of deploying the weapon system that neither Russia nor the DPR forces use.

Never has there been a more blatant “virtual” war for propaganda purposes. 7 examples of fake news are given in this link including the use of images from video games and a Star Wars film!

Recently we have had American Governmental and press admitting using totally unverified incidents as propaganda. They refer to them as “narratives”.

According to an NBC News article, “multiple US officials acknowledged that the US has used information as a weapon even when confidence in the accuracy of the information wasn’t high. Sometimes it has used low-confidence intelligence for deterrent effect…”. No wonder only 7% of Americans have a high degree of confidence in their mass media: see this.

As Harley Schlanger quotes in this video the “Russia going to use chemical weapons” “China weapons to Russia”, and “Russia lied to by advisers to cover up losses” claims were all totally without foundation but were deliberately used as propaganda weapons to win “the media war”.