To its credit for once, Newshub broke this story last night to balance their usual sycophantic pictures of her obviously wallowing in the media attention of her visit to Singapore.

On his Facebook page Winston Peters states:-

The revelation that the PM ignored the advice of her top health officials Caroline McElnay and Ashley Bloomfield back in November when they advised Cabinet that “MIQ was no longer justified on public health grounds”, has exposed the totalitarian rabbit hole we have all been taken down.

If the top health officials advised Cabinet of this back in November why did they continue to inhibit Kiwis’ freedoms and cost our country hundreds of millions? Why did they continue to tell us that decisions were made based only on ‘health advice’ and ‘saving lives’ when their own top health officials said the exact opposite?

The arrogance and deception exhibited by this govt has been exposed — and it has cost many kiwis with their freedoms, liberties, jobs, businesses, and ultimately will cost us all in our pockets.

The curtain has been pulled back and it has shown the machinations of this govt aren’t as pure as the podium wants us all to believe they are.

The real question is if it wasn’t for health reasons — then why?

Her sadistic pleasure from making people suffer is the only possible explanation — that and enjoying having control over people for its own sake.