By Barry Sheppard

The June 4 New York Times prominently printed a long opinion piece by Christopher Caldwell titled “U.S. Helps Prolong Ukraine War”. While not an editorial, it was printed in the space editorials appear when they are written.

Caldwell is a neoconservative who opposes the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He is identified by the Times as “a contributing Opinion writer”. In the article, Caldwell says, “But the United States has helped turn this tragic, local and ambiguous conflict into a potential world conflagration.”

He refers to an article written in the French daily Le Figaro by Henri Guaino, an advisor for past French president Nicolas Sarkozy:

“Mr. Guaino argues by misunderstanding the war’s logic the West, led by the Biden administration, is giving the conflict a momentum that may be impossible to stop. He is right.

“In 2014 the United States backed an uprising — in its final stages a violent uprising — against the legitimately elected government of Viktor Yanukovych …”

Caldwell doesn’t explain that this was a rightist uprising by Ukrainian nationalists, with armed far-right groups in the lead, who formed, with U.S. direct intervention, a rightist Ukrainian nationalist government. That government moved to ban the Russian language as one of the official languages of government, which it had been. They mandated the teaching of Ukrainian in schools in the Russian-speaking east.[…]

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