by John McLean

I can say without any doubt that Boris Johnson has been the best Prime Minister in my lifetime. He successfully negotiated Britain’s withdrawal from the wretched European Union, thus rectifying the mistake that was made by Edward Heath in joining this alien, selfish and protectionist racket in the first place. He promised to “get Brexit done” and he did. 

At the last General Election Boris took almost all the Labour seats in the Midlands and north of England – a feat that even Margaret Thatcher never achieved in her large majorities.

Leading the way in supporting the Ukraine

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine it was Johnson who led the way in support of Ukraine while the feckless French and Germans — and even the Americans — have always been a few steps behind. 

As an historian Boris knows how important it is for a powerful and principled nation like Britain to be on the right side of history by standing up for freedom, democracy and the sanctity of national borders. He did not bring shame on Britain as Chamberlain did in the late 1930s by appeasing aggression instead of standing up to it.

Helping New Zealand

Boris has always been aware of the unique and powerful position of the Anglo-Saxon nations when we work together and he was the moving force in creating AUKUS – probably the most positive step in securing the future of Australia and New Zealand since the Second World War. Britain and the United State are now committed to supporting Australia — and, by implication, New Zealand — in resisting the growing threats and aggression of China in this part of the world. 

He has done more for the future safety, security and sovereignty of New Zealand than any of the worthless governments that we have had in Wellington in the last thirty years or so.

Some leaders are delighted

It is because he has upheld the important British values of freedom and democracy that his resignation has been greeted with such glee by our enemies – Russia, the E.U. and, of course, the old hag in the Beehive at Wellington who could scarcely conceal her delight at getting rid of such a strong patriot. The French government have expressed their pleasure at his departure — a bit rich considering that it was Anglo-Saxon blood – British, Canadian and American — that was virtually wholly responsible for liberating France in 1944.

Boris Johnson has been brought down by the same sinister woke forces that destroyed Donald Trump and Richard Nixon. The strange thing is that all three men have shared one thing in common — they were, almost alone among our leaders of the last 40 years, all true patriots. That, of course, was why our dirty, woke media had to create trivial or non-existent “scandals” to get rid of them.

To have a beer or two during the ridiculous, ineffective and unnecessary lockdowns or to appoint an alleged bottom pincher to a middling position in government are now seen by our perverted media as justification for destroying the best and the brightest.

Just as we should never forget Johnson’s achievements nor should we ever believe one more lie that is dished up to us by the B.B.C., the Guardian, the Independent or any of New Zealand’s biased media. 

Some of this we agree with and some we don’t: in particular on the Ukraine situation.  Readers are referred to videos and articles we’ve posted, in particular the ones yesterday as well as the Oliver Stone documentary posted earlier in the year. —Eds