And as a freebie: Big brother is selling You lies

by Christopher Ruthe

On 14 July I received this notice from a Dr Chamberlain

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Protect yourself and your whānau over winter

Kia ora Christopher,

Why get a second COVID-19 booster?

COVID-19 is on the rise in our communities, and the number of people getting infected with new variants of Omicron is rapidly increasing.

Boosters will help protect you, your family, your friends, and your community

Look after yourself and your whānau.

Ngā mihi,
Dr Nick Chamberlain
Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand

Big Brother is watching You

The evidence of being watched? 24 hours after I received this  e-mail, I received one apologising and correcting this one. 

The error was that I was not entitled to a second booster because I had not had my first one. (The 14 July e-mail said “Why get a second COVID-19 booster?”).

The 15 July e-mail said I must get my first booster first. The Government, in this correspondence does not claim to be Tuahine Nui (Big Sister) but Te Whatu Ora Health (“The Living Shelf”* — an animist belief that even dead things such as shelves are in fact living beings, so transforming the dead into the living, a super aspirational goal for our Te Whatu Ora.)

However, for Te Whatu Ora to have such intimate knowledge of my immunisation history is frightening. They have me tabbed. I did not ask for this propaganda to be sent. It was thrust upon me. 

The tools of surveillance are there and the general public applauds. And they applaud because the media, especially television NZ, TV3, Stuff and the NZ Herald have fully supported the Governments unwanted intrusion and surveillance of our lives.

The dis-information

The glossy coloured picture of the handsome with it good doctor in his trendy open neck shirt and mana conferring designer sports coat tells the major lie– that my having a booster will “BOOST YOUR WHANAU PROTECTION”. it will do no such thing.

It is a brilliantly clever piece of pure propaganda creating within the reader the fear of endangering one’s family — spouse, children grandchildren by not having the booster.

Not satisfied with stating the lie once, Dr Chamberlain he repeats it “Protect your whānau over winter. Not satisfied with stating the lie twice Dr Chamberlain expands the lie:

“Boosters will help protect you, your family, your friends, and your community”.

So by failing to have the booster I am not only endangering my whanau but worse I put the lives and health of my friends and all the community in grievous jeopardy. The Nazi experts in propaganda said repetition is vital “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

This lie has been repeated in numerous TV ads for over 2 years and as Goebbels predicted, the people believe it.  The Government website states that you getting vaccinated “keeps our tamariki safe“. 

The source is impeccable — here the handsome Pakeha all-knowing doctor. And as our Dear Prime Minister told us in 2021 we must believe what the Government says concerning Covid: ‘Dismiss anything else, we will continue to be your single source of truth’ (Creighton, 2021).

Numerous studies show at best vaccination only reduces the likelihood of severe illness in the person vaccinated and does not affaect spreadibility . To cite just one article. The Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal, 29.10.21, published research showing vaccination did not protect third parties such as whanau. 

State sponsored propaganda, paradoxically from a Labour Government benefitting big pharma such as Pfizer, coming unsolicited is the most appalling breach of privacy. It is aggravated by the fact that Big Brother/Tuahine Nui knows my medical records, knows my address, knows I have whanau, knows I have a conscience and manipulates me into having an injection that may have no positive effect. Sadly, that is today’s New Zealand, oops, sorry, Aotearoa.

  • Oxford Online definition: The attribution of a living soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena. The belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.

In case you wonder why Christopher succumbed to the Jabberwockys’ propaganda in the first place, despite all we’ve had to say about the useless and shonky Pfizer substance, it was because of the mandates Comrade Jacinda made last year to exclude people from a huge range of venues if you didn’t submit to being injected with it. For older people, the social isolation was a huge punishment for not conforming, one Christopher reluctantly felt was too great to bear. —Eds