One of our readers has brought our attention to this Taxpayer funded Wokeist handout group. “259 grants were awarded in the last two years, accounting for $158 million of public money.”

The full list of Marsden Grants awarded in 2021 is here.

The lists and descriptions for those dished out in 2019, 2020 and other years can be found in the links given in the righthand sidebar on that page

The Marsden Fund was established in 1994 to fund “excellent fundamental research”.

It’s hard to see how some recently-funded projects are either ‘excellent’ or ‘fundamental’. 

Here is a selection:

– $660,000 Religious and Moral Fictionalism in indigenuous groups

– $523,000 to investigate the world of Maori Body Adornment

– $845,000 to research last known Māori sail

– $300,000 to prove it is “benevolently sexist” to believe that “men ought to protect and cherish women”.

– $842,000 to find out why there aren’t many Asian people on New Zealand television or in cinema.

– $842,000 Young New Zealanders’ Exposure and Responses to Sexual Harassment Media

– $842,000 to study ethnic women politicians in New Zealand.

– $870,000 to “re-imagine anti-racism theory in the health sector”.

– $300,000 The future of Māori academics in New Zealand universities

– $300,000 Growing old in an adopted land: Redefining ‘ageing well’ in the context of migration

– $660,000 Listening to the Voices of our Harbours: Kāwhia, Manukau and Whangarei

– $841,000 Languaculture within Te Ao maori 

– $300,000 to examine the relationship between housing and security in Papua New Guinea.

– $852,000 Investigate sleep loss in children

– $300,000 Exploration of Pasifika knowledge in mathematics

– $842,000 to investigate (Te whai) Maori string figures

– $300,000 to find out how religion affects inequality in Fiji.

– $300,000 to examine how New Zealanders are using dating apps.

– $870,000 to bring an Indigenous perspective to the SFD (Sport for Development)

– $300,000 Psychology of Pacific people

– $870,000 to find out whether multiculturalism harms indigenous people.

– $300,000 Retracing the storylines of Pacific Women voyagers and navigators

– $870,000 Investigate pressures from climate change in Oceania

– $798,000 Nursery Crimes – does ornamental horticulture risk introducing invasive weeds

While on the subject of Wokeism at public expense, the Reserve Bank spent $373,739 on artwork in its lobby promoting its new ‘Tāne Mahuta’ narrative.