“Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, under the influence of the World Economic Forum, an elitist organization keen on radically changing the world as we know it, has announced their goal to reach net-zero emissions. In 2019, the Netherlands declared a nitrogen crisis and has since forced farmers to drastically cut down their nitrogen emissions ⁠— in other words, reduce livestock and food production. The farmers, or what they call “The Boer” have spent years pushing back against their government.

“In June 2022 the protests grew bigger than ever before, so Rebel News sent U.K. Reporter Lewis Brackpool and Lincoln Jay to the Netherlands to cover these massive protests on the ground.

“In this Rebel News feature documentary, we explore these far-reaching policies from the very beginning and fast forward to our time spent in Holland.”

Webpage with trailer and tickets to the premiere.

Note that 8 pm Eastern Time is noon the following day in Jacindaland.