by Cam Slater on the BFD

NZ On Air announced with great fanfare how well they think they are doing with the Public Interest Journalism Fund, claiming they’ve paid $137.5 million to get 36 million page views. That’s $3.82 per page view!

“This data, for websites alone, shows us that the fund has achieved what it was set up to do, which was to support New Zealand news media to fill a public interest need,” said Raewyn Rasch (Ngai Tahu/Kai Tahu), Head of Journalism, NZ On Air.

“We are now seeing, on average, around 800-1,000 funded articles each week,” says Rasch. “The impact has far exceeded what we originally expected. And with page views exceeding 36 million in that time, it tells us that people are most definitely engaging with that content.”

In that time, NZ On Air data shows that PIJF content has been viewed across 37 tracked websites with readers, viewers and listeners consistently spending between one to two minutes engaging with the content and, since January, weekly unique browser numbers exceeding 400,000.

There have so far been four funding rounds, allocating close to $44m, with three more to go till the fund wraps up in June next year.

Since it was launched, the PIJF has processed more than 300 applications requesting around $137.5m. These have been across public interest journalism projects, new journalism roles and training and development programmes – with 149 roles*, 15 training programmes and 51 projects funded for 57 media entities.

–NZ on Air

The BFD got 33 million pageviews without Jacinda government payments!

All those paid staff and millions spent to get views not much more than The BFD run on the smell of an oily rag. The BFD is significantly out-performing the PJIF in every material way, and we do it without one red cent of tainted, corrupt NZ Government funding. We do what we do, beating the PJIF, solely with the support of our members and a small amount of advertising.

I am very, very, proud of just what we are achieving, and so should all of you be. We are are literally hitting it out of the park each and every day, putting the corrupt and bribed media to shame.

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Waikanae Watch almost ‘runs on empty’, but in the calendar year 2021 even we got 417,000 pageviews! So far in 2022 we’ve averaged 50,000 pageviews a month; annualised this means 600,000 — wouldn’t it be nice if we got $3.82 for each one from the Taxpayer too? —Eds