By Andrew Hammond

August 07, 2022: Information Clearing House — One thing you can be sure that neither candidate in the Conservative party leadership contest will dare question is the basic premise of UK foreign policy.

Underwritten by various permastate institutions and intelligence agencies across the Foreign Office, Home Office and Ministry of Defence, these fundamentals entail tracking US policy as closely as possible and ever-increasing defence spending.

The Tony Blair principle generally applies. Since the United States took the baton from Britain as the imperial leader of the West following the Second World War, even if a policy choice appears horribly misguided, better that Britain stands with America rather than weaken US prestige through charting its own course.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was unusually blunt about the issue in his parting oration to parliament, advising his successor to “stay close to the Americans“.

What this means in the immediate term is that if and when the Biden administration loses its nerve over Ukraine – where it is spending a whopping $US 40-70 billion of US tax dollars in various forms of military and economic aid – London will follow suit.

It’s easy to forget that the UK government’s loud policy in support of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after Russia invaded, which has cost Britain £3.8 billion ($US 4.6 billion), was partly political theatre designed to keep Johnson in power.

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