This article states: “Newshub can reveal the Chief Ombudsman has written to the Prime Minister seeking assurances her Government understands its transparency obligations.”

It follows explosive claims made by rebel Labour MP Dr Gaurav Sharma on Newshub on Thursday night about how Labour MPs were taught by her top echelon about ways to avoid being caught with embarrassing Official Information Act (OIA) inquiries.

“When they want to prevent OIA they just sort of make it that this is Labour leader’s problem, this is not the PM’s office problem and then they can get away with it,” Dr Sharma said. 

In a statement, Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier said: “I am aware of the allegations made by Dr Sharma about the workshop advice and training given to Labour MPs on the Official Information Act.

“I have written to the Prime Minister to seek her assurance that she, along with her Ministers, MPs and staff understand their obligations under the OIA and apply the right processes when handling official information and responding to requests.”

But the Leftists’ Dear Leader Comrade Jacinda will just lie as she always does, and what can the Ombudsman do about that? One suspects that the Ombudsman’s Office has had enough of being swamped with complaints about how the Jacinda government has been fudging and obfuscating OIA requests generally. Before the Jacinda regime came to power, any complaint our editors laid with the Ombudsman with the way the KCDC under Dougherty avoided answering questions was dealt with fairly quickly. Then under Mr Maxwell, who took office about the same time the Jacinda regime did, it steadily took longer and longer, and there are still outstanding complaints with the Ombudsman’s Office about Maxwell and his legal henchman Mr Tim Power.