This is exactly in the nature of Leftists: they rejoice in vilifying and insulting, often with extreme venom, active opponents of their narrative, and try to get those people cancelled.

But just as Ms Boucher and her Stuffers have helped to boost VFF membership because of their latest hit job, her company is sure to reap a big backlash from the public over this; even fairer-minded Labour supporters are likely to think they have gone too far this time.

We recommend that people stop advertising with this corporate opponent of Free Speech and Democracy. In Kapiti there is the alternative of the NZME owned Kapiti News.

As for Ms Boucher’s Kapiti Observer, biffing in the trash is appropriate, something most do already as it has so little local content that it’s not worth opening and often comes wrapped in an advertisement for something else.

Ms Boucher’s behaviour will only boost interest in what Chantelle has to say and there are several other platforms for her to broadcast on, which she will be doing.

Chantelle has a message to her 100,000+ supporters here: