The widespread derision that their Fire and Fury ‘flopumentary’ produced hasn’t deterred them from continuing their attacks on local body candidates who are outspoken opponents of the Jacinda regime, particularly its handling of Health issues including covidiocy, see here.

Despite their plummeting credibility, like the rest of the Jacinda government’s paid propagandists, it seems that like the Titanic they are blithely heading full steam towards their iceberg. According to a survey, reported here, in Jacindaland only 48% have overall trust in the MSM, and in America it’s even lower.

Why do the Stuffers care so much about council candidates when many councils, including Kapiti’s, are firmly run by the management elites? In Kapiti the decision to comply with Jacinda’s vax mandates was made by Maxwell and and his subordinates, not by the councilors, and the council has refrained from criticism of ‘3 Waters’.

The answer is that it’s probably a forerunner of the concentrated bias they are going to show next year in support of Labour/Green with the central government elections. If (and it’s probable) the Jacinda regime is thrown out, then that’s where Ms Boucher’s ship hits the iceberg. How much of the millions that the Jacinda government has paid her company does she have stashed away?