You’d have thought a Labour MP or two would have said something, but they must be apprehensive about getting the same treatment that Gaurav Sharma got from Dear Leader.

from the BFD

A couple of days ago the Independent Police Complaints Authority released a report that criticised Police for taking a large number of photographs “with no clear and lawful purpose”. There is also a claim of racial bias, as 53 per cent of those photographed were Maori.

The response from the Police Commissioner [Obergruppenführer Coster] has been along the lines of Yes we did the wrong thing – but never mind, eh?; the sort of response you’d expect from someone who knows they’re well and truly above the law and protected from up on high. After all, who are you going to complain to? 

The response from the Police Association has been undignified and quite extraordinary. Chris Cahill’s infantile behaviour when interviewed by Sean Plunket – throwing a tantrum and hanging up – was just pathetic. Another one who is above the law and ‘protected’.

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