The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has called on Christchurch City Council to disclose whether the outgoing chief executive of Christchurch City Holdings Ltd is still being paid despite an interim chief executive already having been appointed. 

Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Callum Purves, said:

“Christchurch City Council needs to come clean on whether the outgoing chief executive of their investment company is still being paid until 6th December despite having resigned and a replacement already being brought in.

“It would be quite simply shocking if ratepayers were having to foot the bill for two chief executives at once. If Mr. Boyd is no longer doing any work, he should not be paid his notice period. We’ve heard of two for the price of one, but never one for the price of two!

“It just isn’t good enough to put off publishing this information until an annual report is released next year. Ratepayers have a right to know now and find out where their local councillors and candidates stand on this issue before casting their ballots.”