Mahuta is defensive about wasteful Three Waters spending

Our efforts to stop Labour’s Three Waters reforms continue, while the Select Committee goes over almost 100,000 submissions on the Government’s legislation. I’ve been travelling the country holding public meetings and holding the Government to account over its wasteful spending and failure to bring reform Kiwis can get behind.

Here’s what has been happening over the past few weeks…

Overwhelming majority of mayoral candidates oppose Three Waters

Local elections are in full swing, and one of the most important questions being put to candidates is whether they support the Governments’ Three Waters proposals. It’s not good news for Labour though, as survey data shows that over 75% of mayoral candidates oppose Three Waters. In the entire South Island, only two candidates support the reforms. Local Government representatives from the far north to the deep south have sent a clear message to the Government on behalf of their communities: we don’t want Three Waters.

It is incredibly encouraging to see people from all over the country stand united against Three Waters, and together I believe we can send a strong message to the Government that these reforms are unwanted and unworkable.

Labour may be happy to ignore this overwhelming opposition but they won’t be able to ignore the results at the ballot boxes.

Mahuta on the defensive about wasteful spending

When I last wrote I talked about how I had exposed even more of Labour’s wasteful spending, including $15,000 on a job description and over $100,000 on a virtual roadshow. Last week, I took those concerns directly to the Minister so she could answer for the waste of money that is her reform program.

Shockingly, the Minister for Local Government Nanaia Mahuta, vigorously defended her spending, falling back on excuses like Three Waters being a complex piece of work. Kiwis are struggling right now in a cost-of-living crisis that’s made worse by inflated government spending. Mahuta’s unwillingness to take accountability for her wasteful spending is a slap in the face for those New Zealanders doing it tough and living week to week while the Government spends it up on high paid consultants and virtual roadshows.

This Government is addicted to spending, and Kiwis are paying the price.

Listening to you

There are problems with water infrastructure in this country, and nobody is denying that. However, while Labour’s solution is to centralise and control, National takes a different approach. We know that your voices are the most important, and that the solutions to our problems can’t just be found in Wellington, but in the communities these reforms affect.

That’s why I’ve been travelling the country holding public meetings about Three Waters, to hear your concerns, answer your questions and hear solutions that come directly from the people on the ground. The overwhelming response from these meetings is against Labour’s reforms, which won’t surprise you.

Recently, I hit the road in Canterbury with Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey and Kaikōura MP Stuart Smith. On 14 October, I’ll be with Southland MP Joseph Mooney in Te Anau, Winton, Gore and Alexandra. Details about these events will be going out soon, so if you’re in the area, it would be great to see you.