For the meeting on Sunday 9 October at 2:00 pm in the Ocean Road Community Centre FOTL have for you an adventurous theme.

Of Nuns, Priests and Books: Antipodean Adventures with James Joyce will be presented by Drs Sydney Shep and Marco Sonzogni, Victoria University of Wellington (Te Herenga Waka).

This year is the 100th anniversary of the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses. (Hands up if you’ve managed to read it all 🙂 )

Ulysses is probably one of the most popular unread novels of all time. After 100 years, however, it is still offering up fascinating secrets.

What is the relationship between the Anglo expat gay community in Paris and Naples and a radical priest whose library is now housed in The Vatican?

Why were World War One veterans and shadowy intelligence officers among the largest group of purchasers of the novel?

And closer to home, what did Joyce’s sibling Poppie aka Sister Gertrude, a Sister of Mercy in Canterbury, really think about her brother’s controversial literary efforts?

On the centenary of its publication, two scholars share surprising new stories about the book, its owners, and its readers.

Join us on a quest to uncover some of these more unusual and surprising stories of owners, collectors and readers.

Dr Sydney J. Shep is Reader in Book History and the Printer at Wai-te-ata Press, while Dr Marco Sonzogni is Reader in Literary Translation. Their work was assisted by John Seton who is majoring in Law and Classics and is currently in Berlin via Dublin completing his degree.

Ocean Road Community Centre will be decked out with banners relating to the centenary of Ulysses.

All are welcome, refreshments are served, and entry is by koha.