by Dr. Charlie Baycroft

Jacinda and other political and corporate elites are well aware of the effectiveness of Public Relations, marketing, advertising and propaganda to manipulate our subconscious minds and modify our behaviour.

They employ experts to manipulate the minds of the masses all the time. Most of the things we believe are probably myths.

If you make up a good story and tell it consistently and often enough most of the people will believe it.
Consistently repeated experiences alter the structure and function of our brains. It is called Neuroplasticity.

Some people will not believe the propaganda and will also (if allowed) tell others why it is false.
This reduces the effectiveness of the propaganda and the compliance of the masses.

Politically elite people like our Jacinda seem to suffer from the delusion that they are entitled to decide what is “for the common good” and utilize whatever means are available to convince the rest of the people to agree with them.

They see freedom of speech as a threat to their own omnipotence and something detrimental to their opinion of what is “for the common good”.

This assumption that the world would be a better place if everyone else would agree with us is very common and we all suffer from this delusion to some extent or other. The trouble with this is that what we regard as “for the common good” is usually what we perceive as good for ourselves.

Most normal people do not have the ambition or determination to gain political power and authority over the rest but some (like our Jacinda) do feel compelled to achieve these grandiose ambitions.

Jacinda and others in this government definitely feel that they are “the chosen ones” who will make the world much better by deciding what everyone else should think, say and do because they believe and do not question their own ability to know the “truth”.

In theory, the best form of government is an Enlightened Dictatorship because everyone would get along quite well with each other if they all thought, said and acted the same. The reality is that dictators are never, or never remain very “enlightened” because their authority and power over other people corrupts them and their efforts to enforce conformity become violent, abusive and destructive.

The desire for authority and power over other people is like a drug and one of the 1st effects of addiction to any drug is loss of insight and the ability to process information logically and objectively.

Jacinda and other politically elite people seem to believe that anything that contradicts their opinions and beliefs is misinformation or disinformation and must be suppressed by any means for the “common good”.

How do people achieve authority and power over others?

The most effective way is to persuade the others to feel dependent on them for their safety and survival because this re-creates a parent/child archetype.

The people have been persuaded to become more and more dependent on “the government” for several decades and this dependency has increased the authority and power of the political elites in the main parties.

I am wondering if this dependency and irrational belief that some politicians and bureaucrats can provide for and protect us can be changed?

The masses seem very unwilling to question or reject it.

Perhaps a serious economic depression, like the one of the 30’s, is necessary and inevitable to teach us that we cannot rely on some people in governments to look after everything for us?

The people that experienced the Great Depression learned that they had to rely on themselves and one another.

Subsequent generations forgot and started to believe they should rely on “the government”.

It does not work very well.

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