By Geoffrey Churchman

With the probable slowness in the declaration of Kapiti results, I spent yesterday evening with pundits in Wellington where matters like election results happen faster.

One thing that’s clear is that Wellington City is Woke central and candidates who are young, female, have skin that’s other than white and most importantly, are Leftist, have a good chance. Barbara McKenzie only ticked one of those boxes, and so was unlikely to succeed in the mayoral race. Ray Chung only ticked one box also, but is well known and managed to poll better than the Labour candidate — and nearly as high as now unseated mayor Andy Foster. The Stuffers heavily backed the Green candidate, Tory Whanau, because she ticked all those boxes and they succeeded; everyone in our group was crestfallen.

However, Ray Chung is now a councilor in the Onslow-Western ward which is excellent; he will be the voice of sense to oppose the continuing nuttiness that will come from the Green/Labour block, and of course Ms Whanau. He should have a good chance next time when the city’s finances are even more Stuffed than they are now.

The Leftist councilor block wanted to ensure that they had another certain member with the creation of the Te Whanganui-a-Tara Māori Ward and they got one. At present, there are only 5 votes between the Labour and Green candidates, but whichever of them gets the seat is immaterial. What’s obvious is that the number of votes that were cast in that ward is extremely low. Apart from that aspect, the questions that were asked about why this seat was created in the first place when candidates like Tamantha Paul and Ms Whanau can get elected in general seats remain.

In the northern ward the dreadful Jenny Condie was fortunately defeated and the more sensible John Apanowicz is now there instead.

The overall complexion of the WCC remains as it was; and with only about a 40% voter turnout, most of the city’s residents don’t give a Stuff.

We’ll comment on Kapiti when the results are final.