Democrats who have controlled the US Congress have heavily protected some of the biggest players in the decisions that have directly impacted hundreds of millions (and spent trillions of dollars).

Minority Republicans have had limited authority to perform deep investigations.


As of yesterday, that’s all changed.

With Republicans officially gaining the majority in the US House, they now have new tools at their disposal.

And it may change everything.

Most useful of the tools will be the ability to subpoena witnesses for testimony and subpoena documentation and records.

Investigations without this ability are so limited they often result in little to nothing.

On the other hand, purposefully choosing to not use such important tools (like we’ve seen for the past two years) also grossly ignores the truth.

Leaving billions of people at risk.

Perhaps the truth about Dr. Fauci and those who have conspired with and protected him will soon be officially uncovered?

Before last week’s elections there was a helpful piece written that laid out the strategy we may soon watch play out.

Check it out here.

There are many aspects about what happened in Jacindaland that need investigation too, but it won’t happen while this government is in power.