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Clause 15 of Minister Kiri Allan’s Counter-Terrorism Acts Bill redefines the term ‘terrorist’ and makes it possible for some who possess ‘objectionable material’ to be charged under terrorism legislation… even though the material has NOTHING to do with terrorism. 

The Government has an important role to keep its citizens safe. Terrorism, violence for political ends, is the very opposite of free speech. But as I explained to the Justice Select Committee, extending the net so wide that those who possess material entirely unrelated to terrorism are considered ‘terrorists’ is a gross overreach and threatens our core freedoms. This clause has to go.

Terrorism bill

Videogames made by major international producers, like those who created the hugely successful Grand Thief Auto, have been barred by our zealous Chief Censor. For some, possessing this ‘objectionable material’ could see them as ‘terrorists’. Can you imagine how easily this law could be abused? 

We know that some MPs are concerned about this clause. If we can build opposition to this part of the Bill, it will be amended before continuing through the House. Our petition can achieve that: help us now by signing and sharing. Possessing objectional material that is entirely unrelated to terrorism shouldn’t see Kiwis charged as terrorists. 

The Free Speech Union has a track record of successfully challenging our would-be-censors, and seeing them back down. With your help, we can do it again, but we don’t have much time. 

<<Sign our petition now to tell the Government keep terrorism charges for terrorist acts. >>

I know you get asked to speak out often, but we’ve shown time and again that the Free Speech Union gets results from Parliament. Your voice matters. MPs on the Justice Select Committee are deciding this week whether to keep this clause. Tell them no.   

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Dr. David Cumin
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