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Co-governance is nothing but a huge, duplicitous fraud being perpetrated by Maori activists, and the victims are the majority of New Zealanders!

Hello, it’s All things Political, with John Porter on Bay FM and today I’m advocating that Co-governance is nothing but a huge confidence trick being played on New Zealand by Maori activists and skillfully validated by Ardern’s treacherous Government.

Co-governance is most definitely not Maori activists’ goal: Maori sovereignty is the objective!

Co-governance is merely a stepping stone. The previous stepping stone was Co-management.

There was the 2010 Legislation covering Waikato-Tainui and its involvement in co-managing the Waikato River.

In 2012 Ngati Maniapoto entered into co-management arrangements with local government authorities for the Waipa river.

Then there was the co-management arrangements covering Ngati Tuwharetoa, Raukawa and Te Arawa river iwi covering the Waikato River from Te Toka a Tia near Taupo through to Karapiro.

Have you noticed how all the usual suspects in this Co-governance charade now refer to earlier Co-management agreements as Co-governance?

Another classic example of co-management being used as a “stalking Horse” is the Te Urewera National Park co-management with DOC agreed in 2014.

There is absolutely no evidence that co-management was ever intended by Tuhoe.

The park became a plaything for Tuhoe, the facilities fell into total disrepair, access to the lake was blocked and all the while Tuhoe were taking millions of dollars of taxpayer funding!

Te Urewera chairman and Tuhoe strongman, Tamati Kruger is very proud of his achievements regarding Te Urewera National Park: self-importantly stating, “We created a miracle some five years ago. We made a National Park disappear!”

But the biggest, most elaborate and subversive con of all is the 3 [5] Waters Bill.

Most of the opposing rhetoric has centred around co-governance concerns.

But what is never mentioned and is of most concern is the power given to tribes by way of veto and the Te Mana o Te Wai statements.

They’re the biggest aspects of Three Waters reforms overlooked and never reported on by our MSM.

The Shyster Twins, Ardern and Mahuta, want everyone to think that Te Mana o Te Wai statements are only concerned with water purity. Nah, that’s nothing but political bullshit.

Te Mana o Te Wai statements give Maori representatives significant, open-ended power with no strict definitions, no boundaries, limits, or any other democratic safeguards.

Only iwi has the right to issue Te Mana o Te Wai edicts, which are binding on the Water Services Entity in their region.

That right is denied to non-Maori, who make up the remaining 84 per cent of the population.

Maori representatives would have the power, authority, and obligations of tangata whenua to make decisions that maintain, protect, and sustain the health and well-being of, and their relationship with, fresh water.

Veto power along with Te Mana o Te Wai statements hands tribes full control! Co-governance is a subterfuge, just the second step towards Maori sovereignty.

Government papers distributed late on Friday 11th, showed 3 Waters had now become 5 Waters! Te Mana o Te Wai now applies to freshwater, coastal water, and geothermal water.

So with veto and Te Mana o Te Wai power in their hands, what do you think the next step is? Show me the money of course! 

Why was control extended to coastal water, and geothermal water? Revenue gathering of course!

Geothermal water is a byproduct of geothermal power generation; Royalties will abound!

Coastal water, 50 miles out. Same scenario. How much are fishing companies going to have to cough up to fish in that zone? Millions of course.

Why? Maori sovereignty of course.

How else do you fund a “Nation within a Nation?” I recall a $20 billion figure, quoted by activists, as being the amount needed from taxpayers to support the Maori sovereign nation. 

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