‘This is my son before and after he got a transfusion of poisoned blood. We begged the hospital to let us get pure blood. They refused and gave the blood to him without our consent. He developed a blood clot instantly that stretched from his knee to his heart. He made it two weeks before he died.’

She told Liz Gunn of FreeNZ that her son Alexander was born in January of this year, and died on 17 February.

‘Medical staff gave him the blood around the 1st of February.

‘What happened was he had an operation, he needed to work on his throat and they told us it was very rare that babies would need blood. We have been trying to get directed donor blood for a while, but they told us it was impossible because of how expensive it was, which turned out not to be true, and we were able to get a directed donor blood.

‘He went through the operation, did not need a blood transfusion. We had signed saying that basically we only granted the use of blood in the emergency that they nicked an artery.

‘So, the doctor then gave him the blood later, after the fact, just after the operation, without our knowledge.

‘I walked in probably 20 minutes after they stopped giving him the blood, and it was kind of shock because we had clearly stated we didn’t trust their blood. The doctor said ‘not to worry, nothing’s going to be wrong with his blood.

‘I felt very violated because we hadn’t agreed to that use of blood. She just did it anyway, saying his haemoglobin levels were low. The next day (or later that day) they discovered a blot clot had started to form.

‘My husband had told them the reason we didn’t want a blood transfusion from the blood bank was because of blood clots. We were afraid that would happen. And it did, like instantly.

‘And then they told us blood clots in babies are very rare, but blood thinners will just fix it. But that did not happen.

‘The clot just continued to grow and they had him on the highest amount of blood thinners they could legally give him, and it did nothing. It started in his knee and went all the way up to his heart. When it started inching towards his heart they told us we had to start preparing for death.

Text from the Daily Telegraph NZ

Poster by Chris Walker