…you can guess which will lose

This article appeared in The Dominion Post (a.k.a. The Jacinda Domination Post) on Saturday:

The issue goes back to June 2018 and this report by the Stuffers was headed “Landowner rejects wāhi taonga claim as Māori lore was ‘contrary to the bible’.”

In fact, many Maori are Christians and likely to agree with the landowner. But as we’ve seen, Wokeists praise Maori mythology and astrology over religions originating from the Middle East and thus it will always officially rank first.

But is that important here, as the Stuffers make out?

Retired barrister Christopher Ruthe comments: “There is nothing in it. I have researched the effect of a declaration. It is simply a matter of identification. Of course, councils may then try and bring in rules governing access usage — in this case to a muttonbird extermination camp. There is indication this is the case, but that may be poor reporting. there would be a story if the council did interfere with land rights.”