The Mayor and Councillors have no legitimate mandate to commit Kapiti to what would be a fundamental constitutional law change as they have not consulted with their constituents on the subject and to our knowledge none of them mentioned it during the elections.

Of course, the underlying strategy and clear intention is clear and if all councils follow Kapiti, Jacinda Ardern would be able to claim all of ‘Aotearoa’ supports the change.

Will the other Councillors whimper and please the Mayor and her Labour acolytes or will they rebel and say “no, we have not consulted with Kapiti people on this fundamental constitutional issue”?


The motion as above was passed by 6 votes to 3 with one abstention and one absent. It seems that the voting age can be lowered to 16 in council elections by Parliament by a simple majority of 51%, but a 75% majority is required for that to happen in respect of Parliamentary elections. The National and ACT parties have ruled out support for the latter.