The government-paid Legacy Media were clearly delighted about this, and they never fail to describe her in any context as an ‘anti-vax lawyer’. In our view, if by that they mean her taking lawsuits against the hastily concocted and demonstrably dangerous Pfizer substance at huge profit, falsely touted by the Jacinda government as a cure for covid, then she should accept that label with pride.

From Counterspin Media


Sue Grey appeared in front of a Judge this afternoon, where no further action would be taken, but a full transcript would be sent to the Law Society for review.

This all transpired following an earlier appearance where she was supporting a Golden Bay café owner with his case.

She has clarified to CSM that she was not appearing as a McKenzie friend.

She wanted to make the court aware of an earlier judgment Fahey v. Queen, NZCA 596 [2017].

This ruling was about options for defendants who don’t know how to deal with defending themselves. There are several options, including amicus curiae or “standby counsel”.

The MSM conveniently left this part out, instead stating Sue’s manner was inciting supporters, and quoted the judge as saying at the point she was put into custody there was “virtually a riot”.

So, was there a riot, or not?

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