A total of 483,706 which was 16% up on 2021. The terrible impact of the experimental so-called ‘vaccines’ that were rushed out by Big Pharma at the end of 2020 and coerced by governments — not only in NZ — on whole classes of people was understandably the biggest issue as it has become a truly humanitarian disaster. Coverage of protests against governments on this also generated a lot of traffic.

Government dishonesty and malfeasance by the Jacinda regime in NZ on a range of issues, but particularly its advancement of racial Apartheid was the biggest cause of interest.

Locally the government’s promotion of ‘pack and stack’ housing was the biggest issue.

Biden and NATO’s warmongering in Ukraine also attracted traffic, but not so much in NZ as the amount of taxpayer money devoted to support it — $43 million so far — isn’t huge in the scheme of things. As is clear, our view is that NZ should take a neutral stance on that conflict and encourage the parties to negotiate a settlement. The Jacinda government’s supporting instead the wrecking of the country militarily is a disaster for the people of Ukraine and the new southwestern regions of Russia.

The year ahead has some local issues for Waikanae readers and we’ll have some commentary on that shortly.