from Leo Hohmann

According to multiple reports, Bill Gates is invested in artificial lab-grown eggs and has been since before the current egg shortage hit. No surprise there.

Gates is also heavily invested in U.S. farmland and lab-grown meat. He’s the single largest owner of farmland in America. He hasn’t ever explained exactly why he wants to possess all this farmland but we can assume it has something to do with making money, for that’s what Bill Gates does best. Make money.

Knowing what I know about Bill Gates, that he is already heavily invested in farmland, artificial eggs and lab-grown meat, here’s what I would do. I would remove this newly purchased land from the realm of productive, food-producing acreage. By doing so, that reduces the amount of land devoted to producing meat, dairy products and eggs, which millions of people depend on for a healthy source of protein, and I’d convert it into unproductive vacant land. In Gates’s eyes, this means he’s “saving the planet” — fewer cow farts and less fossil fuels used — while starving the human population.

If you look at the map of Gates’s land holdings, it’s mostly concentrated in states known for cattle-raising, pork and other livestock, as well as dairy and egg production.

But wait. It’s not Bill Gates the eugenicist and depopulationist he wants you to see hiding behind the curtain but rather Bill Gates the savior. After people become priced out of the market for healthy farm-raised beef, chicken and eggs because there’s not enough of it being produced, Bill Gates rides to the rescue with the solution (classic Hegelian dialectic).

Here, taste my lab-grown beef and chicken and my plant-based fake eggs. I’m sure you will like it. Just give it a try. It’s good for you.

This is the same Bill Gates who invested billions into vaccines, and assured us that Covid vaccines would be especially good for us, only to sell his Covid vaccine stocks at huge profits, and now he admits they don’t work (see video below).

As the globalists tear down our existing food infrastructure, whether it be by converting productive farmland to unproductive, or drastically culling the chicken and turkey flocks under the guise of “bird flu,” they must endeavor to erect a new infrastructure based on CRISPR gene editing and man-made fake food grown in their laboratories.

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