The life and supposed death of Jeffrey Epstein has been one of great controversy, and for good reason – the implications of the allegations are huge. They threaten to shatter our illusions of powerful people including Presidents, high ranking politicians and those trusted to run our companies and countries. These people would be, under the definitions of our systems, criminals committing heinous and unforgivable crimes against humanity.

But if you are following the mainstream news coverage of court cases and expecting them to release real information about Epstein’s VIP elite clients, you are wasting your time. The mainstream media will never release this information. It would end their world as they know it. The entire corrupt system would be destroyed from the inside.

But the information will come out. We just have to keep looking in the right places. And when the information comes out, we cannot forgive and forget.

What do we know so far? We know that Jeffrey Epstein was close friend of former president Bill Clinton and best friend of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son, Prince Andrew. These two reprobates were so desperate to spend as much time as possible with Epstein that they left a trail of evidence that fact checkers, who are experts in making scandals go away for the elite, haven’t been able to cover up the evidence.

Hunter Biden, son of Creepy Joe Biden, is another reprobate who has left a trail of evidence about his predilections, mostly involving crack cocaine, prostitution and incest. But the media is engaged in a huge cover up when it comes to the extent of the darkness on Hunter’s laptop from hell.

After Hunter Biden’s laptop emails were leaked before the last election, internet sleuths discovered evidence of yet more pizza-related pedophile “code words” being used in emails which reference both Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

In 2016, exclusively broke the story of how pedophile code words were used in email exchanges, leaked by Wikileaks, between Hillary Clinton and her campaign chair John Podesta.

Now it seems Hunter Biden was also involved in the scandal. In an email (archived here) dated 30th March, 2016, Hunter’s business partner Eric Scherwin sent him an invite to a pizza party involving Tony Podesta, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong.