from the Daily Telegraph NZ

Lives, livelihoods and homes have been lost with thousands left devastated in its wake. Many are still seeking word on those missing, while also fighting to reclaim their homes and possessions, if possible, from the mud and silt left behind.

Click on this link for a glimpse of the heart-breaking reality on the ground. It shows the devastation of one of our most productive and beautiful areas of the country which, eye-witnesses report now represents a war-zone in some areas, particularly where valleys narrow.

Locals are continuing to grapple with what seem like insurmountable obstacles and locals say that the majority of assistance is coming from volunteers in the area, and Kiwis from all over the country, who have come in to help, despite the obstacles to get there.

A major concern is that eye-witness reports in the worst affected areas appear to be ignored and are even touted as false information. There have been carefully choreographed statements from politicians and public servants on behalf of the government popping up in just-out-of-the packet high-vis vests, making statements in the vicinity, but those reports are nothing in comparison to the searingly honest eye-witness accounts coming from the mud-splattered souls on the ground cleaning up, in Hawkes Bay. It is the eye-witness accounts that hit home. The strain in their voices, the tension they are under, the enormity of what they are facing would make the strongest amongst us share their shock and grief, wrap our arms around them and do everything possible to get them the help they need and try to lighten the load.

It is those stories shared that move the heart and the Nation.

For they speak truth.

This article is a genuine plea for help on behalf of those souls in the Hawkes Bay.

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