from Ben Garrison

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tossed his hat in the presidential ring Wednesday. He was immediately and shamelessly attacked and smeared by the corporate propaganda media for being ‘dangerous’ and ‘anti-vaccine.’  Does RFK Jr. have a chance? Of course he does. The Democrats offer no other viable candidates.

Marianne Williamson? She means well, but she has no support. Big Mike’s name gets floated around, but she hates America and most of America hates her. Kamala Harris? She’s despised even more than Michelle Obama.

He proved himself to be completely incompetent and focussed only on ‘woke’ issues. Joe Biden? He has been a complete embarrassment and utter disaster for our country. China Joe certainly cannot measure up to RFK Jr. because for one thing Biden cannot compete with the Kennedy mystique.

I support Trump, but RFK Jr is now the best candidate the Democrat Party has seen in a long while.

— Ben Garrison

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr has been interviewed by Voices for Freedom and is very impressive. He is also the author of the book exposing the infamous Dr Fauci (see this post). Ron DeSantis (Florida Governor) on the Republican side is also good.