by Ross Muir

For many decades NZ has been a leader for trials of any new technology from other countries.

We are a particularly savvy nation for technology so we can test ideas competently to see if they are good and worth releasing on the world markets

If they are a flop, we are a small nation nowhere near any other possible market, so nobody will hear about the failure – no harm done (except to NZ; but what is 5 million in a world population of 8 billion?).

Comrade Jacinda was a willing participant in the WEF-inspired extreme control of our country during covid (World Economic Forum is the leader in all the extremes that will lead to the loss of democracy throughout the planet and a One-Socialist-World Government).

Now the WEF have selected NZ again as the leader in experimenting with Artificial Intelligence, which will be used to increase the available controls over entire populations.