from Tim Costley

Labour and NZTA are slashing speed limits across Kapiti and Horowhenua with our councils being made to reduce our speed limits. One option sees almost all of Paraparaumu 30 km/h and the whole town declared being a school zone. This is crazy!

And it’s already increasing travel times….

Instead of upgrading our roads to make sure they’re safe to drive on, Labour is taking the easy way out once more with simple, blanket speed limit reductions on all our roads that won’t actually make a meaningful difference.

Slower travel times don’t just slow you down as you drive to work or school, it will impact our businesses getting from A to B, and it just adds to everyone’s bottom line in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

Blanket speed limit reductions won’t make our roads any safer and will only make it slower to get around Kapiti and Horowhenua.

National opposes blanket speed limit reductions, and prefers a targeted approach that increases genuine safety in the right places, and improves the quality of our roads. Kiwis want safer roads, not slower roads.

Please sign our petition to tell Labour to leave speed limits alone and instead invest in real improvements to our roads to save lives.

As your local candidate, I’ll keep fighting and be a strong voice on the issues that matter to Kapiti and Horowhenua.