Where NZ is headed under the policies of this racist government we are inflicted with: above is a real sign for an exclusively non-white theatre in Augusta, Georgia, USA

Opinion by Roger Childs

Whānau Ora is a culturally-based, and whānau-centred approach to wellbeing focused on whānau (family group) as a whole, as the decision-makers who determine their goals and aspirations. –Whanau Ora website

Advertising in the Stuffers’ papers

The Wellington Post, and no doubt other Stuffer papers, featured two full pages earlier this week to emphasise that OUR FUTURE IS MAORI. 

In the middle of the first page on a black background were four lines in white:

Maori have

higher rates of


than non-Maori.

The headline on the second black page was OUR FUTURE IS MAORI. Then each of the lines from the first page was crossed out and replaced in capitals with





At the bottom were the words WhanauOra.

Working for Maori

Whanau Ora [literally ‘healthy family’] works for Maori but not for other New Zealanders. The concept of whānau ora is about supporting Māori families to achieve their maximum health and wellbeing. WhānauOra is driven by a focus on whānau being self-managing, living healthy lifestyles and confidently participating in ‘te ao Māori’ and in society.

It is linked to the Ministry of Health which is funded by the government. Te Puni Kōkiri, the principal policy advisor of the Government of New Zealand on Māori wellbeing and development, is another important support for WhanauOra.

So fundamentally it is a separatist organisation, but uses Taxpayers money drawn for all New Zealanders.

Raising questions

The two page advertising for WhanauOra would have been expensive and Kiwis of all ethnicities will have contributed to the cost, in part from taxes paid to the government. 

The wording of the advertisement throws up plenty of questions. For example:

  • Why do Maori have higher unemployment?
  • Whose fault is high Maori unemployment? 
  • Are unemployed Maori applying for the thousands of current job vacancies in businesses, agriculture, industry, trades and forestry?
  • Do Maori reach their full potential when whanau are empowered?
  • Are there other groups and organisations who can help unemployed Maori?
  • Are the Maori who are unemployed keen to work?
  • What is meant by OUR FUTURE IS MAORI?
  • Do non-Maori get the sort of support WhanauOra provides for Maori?
  • Is this another example of separatism where Maori get favoured treatment?

The advertisement will have been seen by all readers regardless on their ethnicity and origins. What message should non-Maori take from it? The pitch is definitely aimed at Maori and highlights the situation and needs of this group who make up about 16-17% of the population. 

All unemployed New Zealanders need encouragement and support, so why focus on one ethnic group? Government policy and NGOs should be assisting all Kiwis on the basis of need, not separating out one group.

For those who have had enough of this autocratic, anti-democratic behaviour by this government and want to hear more from Stop Co-Governance Campaigners, here is a Kapiti Meeting on Monday evening:

Kapiti, Lindale Village Auditorium – 29 May, 7pm