Hide the wildlife!
Every day it seems some major brand in America picks up the sword and commits seppuku. They have seen what happens to other corporations that “get woke and go broke,” and yet they do the same suicidal marketing stunt and then endure massive losses in profits and customer trust.

Here comes the new North Face spokes-thang! It’s a hiking drag queen with a full mustache! Because that’s what you want to see when you go hiking in the great outdoors, a homosexual sashaying down the trail in a tacky, garish rainbow colored mini-dress that would send bears running for cover.

North Face has learned nothing from Target and Bud Light in the last few weeks. Their traditional customers will teach them a lesson. It’s time to boycott them all.

Next!? Walmart, “hold my beer…”


The recommended Boycott list for big corporations in Jacindaland

To date we have recommended the following not be given any custom:

Cadbury for pulling out of Dunedin and concentrating in Australia when it was making money in NZ.

Bunnings for the way they closed their Waikanae branch just before Christmas 2019.

BNZ bank for Wokeism and past shonky behaviour.

Westpac for supporting this government’s attacks on conservatives and libertarians by closing their accounts,

Z and BP for saying they would not sell fuel to the Freedom Convoy in 2022 and for Wokeism — and in BP’s case for polluting the Gulf of Mexico from reckless disregard for safety.