from Jonathon Otto

A recently published study found that 80% of teens are still suffering from vaxx-induced myocarditis 6 months after their jabs… Which their MRI tests clearly prove. Sadly, the researchers label “immune-mediated cardiac tissue inflammation” after the mRNA clot shots as “rare”… Read the Study here 

But Dr. McCullough, who’s been THE leading voice on vaxx-induced myocarditis, recognizes the TRUTH… That the “Wuhan Spike protein coded by the long-lasting Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines” continues to produce inflammation in the body – and specifically in the heart – LONG AFTER getting jabbed. And he’s issuing a warning to doctors across the US… And around the world: “Every cardiology office in America should be recognizing COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis presenting in young persons, 90% are male, with chest pain, effort intolerance, arrhythmias, and cardiac arrest after injections of mRNA vaccines.” Read more here

 In fact, Dr. McCullough has been one of the few, brave doctors sounding the alarm on the covid ‘virus’ and so-called ‘vaccines’ since early 2020. Dr. McCullough realized that the spike protein in covid was damaging the vascular endothelium and causing blood clotting. This means capillaries would be systemically injured if exposed to high concentrations of the Spike protein.” Read more here 

He co-authored a pivotal September 2020 study, showing the connection between endothelial dysfunction (whose main symptoms are chest pain and angina) and “C0V!D-19-associated vascular inflammation, particularly endotheliitis, in the lung, heart, and kidney”. Read the story here and here 

Recently, researchers published a study that showed a significant increase in jabb-induced retinal vascular occlusion – blockage of vessels that carry blood to your eye’s retina – which can cause you to lose your eyesight. 

“The risk of retinal vascular occlusion significantly increased during the first 2 weeks after vaccination and persisted for 12 weeks. Additionally, individuals with first and second dose of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 had significantly increased risk of retinal vascular occlusion 2 years following vaccination, while no disparity was detected between brand and dose of vaccines. This large multicenter study strengthens the findings of previous cases. Retinal vascular occlusion may not be a coincidental finding after covid-19 vaccination.” 

Read the study here 

So, why aren’t more researchers sounding the alarm about the dangers of the C0V!D jab? Perhaps, it’s because Big Pharma is controlling the studies they fund.

According to cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra

“What many don’t realize is that researchers who do peer review of drug company-sponsored trials do not get access to the raw data. All they get is the drug company’s analysis of that data, which leaves the door wide open for manipulation and obfuscation.

Watch his interview with Roe Rogan here 

Big Pharma’s ONLY priority is to make money, So, if researchers find results that Big Pharma doesn’t like, those studies get buried. And “most doctors, unless they’re involved in the peer review process, are not even aware of this which is why they rarely ever question published science.” 

As Dr. Malhotra rightly concludes: “It’s not scientific, it’s not ethical … and it’s not democratic.” That’s why it’s important for us to work together and get the TRUTH out to everyone we know. We KNOW we can’t count on the Big Pharma-sponsored corporate media — or the politicians and healthcare organizations that received generous “donations” from Big Pharma,

Please help us share this crucial information with your loved ones. Everyone deserves to know the TRUTH. If you were unable to attend the memorial we held, you have access to watch the replay. We were joined by over 2,000 viewers who showed up to look back at his amazing contributions to humanity alongside Drs. Ealy, Ardis, Schmidt, and Nuzum, Mikovitz, the amazing homeopath, Robert Scott Bell, and others. It was truly a heartwarming event.  Watch the Replay here