text by Roger Childs and John Robinson, photos by Geoffrey Churchman

A Police checkpoint to inform disrupters that they would be ejected from the building if they misbehaved. In all there were about 8 Police cars visible. A small group of demonstrators at this checkpoint were holding ‘Honor te Tiriti’ banners and singing Maori songs, but they looked European.
The entrance to the building (the Minister is a Samoan) looked peaceful; the rumpus was happening inside.
Julian Batchelor with a Powerpoint presentation which included video clips of the political leaders.
A Leftist directs a tirade of invective at the audience. A notorious Waikanae Labour Party member, who has trolled WW for about 4 years, walked down the same aisle a few minutes later calling everyone there a ‘racist’.
A Newshub crew.
TV One crew?

Well over 100 people were there to listen to campaign leader Julian Batchelor, but probably another 50 were there to disrupt the presentation who made it a very noisy meeting last night at the Lindale complex. Plenty of Police kept order and they ejected up to 20 people who interrupted, shouted, chanted, ‘whoop-whooped’, ran phone ringtones and were generally rude and disruptive. A few held banners, including their message “Honor Te Tiriti”.

Julian Bachelor did very well with an excellent Powerpoint and he pointed out that co-governance is well underway in health, education, water resources, local government and conservation, and unless stopped in its tracks will lead to a Maori elites + fellow travelers’ takeover of the country. He carefully analysed what the one valid Treaty actually said and how people like Hugh Kawharu have twisted the meaning of key words like taonga and rangatiratanga.

His message was very thorough and convincing, and well received by the vast majority. He handled the disruptive protestors very well. Unfortunately, because of the regular interruptions it was a very stop/start meeting, however his compelling talk was polished and impressive.

New Zealand has been split in two by this government’s ‘Co-Governance’ policy of division, with government by two different peoples which espouses racial separation while refusing sovereignty, equality, and democracy to all of us.  The inevitable consequence was very evident at this meeting – two peoples at war with one another.

Those activists supporting ‘Co-governance’ from a group strangely called ‘Christian Action Aotearoa’ behaved like ill-mannered brats in an unsuccessful attempt to disrupt with shouts and howls, loud proclamations, chants and frequent ringing of cellphones.  Each interrupter who snuck in past the organisers was approached by an organiser and then firmly ushered out by Police.  Their main impact was to delay the talk and prevent adequate time for questions and public input after the presentation by Julian Batchelor.

The Police, 23 in all with at least 8 Police cars, were excellent, and were welcomed and thanked by those attending for their protection of freedom of speech.  This is a very welcome development as Police elsewhere have been few in number and not prepared to take effective action, but here were providing essential support for the security provided by a group of volunteers. 

It is sad that those wanting to debate major issues are faced with attacks by mob action who closed the previous meeting in Levin.  This meeting could only proceed with a road block in the drive up to the hall to keep a mass of demonstrators away, with robust volunteer organisers and with such a Police presence.  The Police have an important job to do, and it is shameful that so many were called away to control a Leftist group formed to prevent free speech.  This in a country that was once one people but no longer.

Many people have received the booklet by Julian Batchelor, ‘Stop Co-Governance’, and more will be delivered to households in the coming weeks.  There will also be a further meeting in the same venue in a month or so.  The people of Kapiti will thus be able to consider and discuss the basic facts.  And hopefully many will read further, to explore further information and to be ready to debate the future of New Zealand politely, with respect for the truth and for different points of view.

The organisers’ blog post. The comments by Greg On Gate Security are worth reading.