The same fanatical pro-Apartheid types responsible for this attack on democracy and free speech behaved like this in Kapiti a few weeks ago (see our report).

from reader Ross

Julian Bachelor had arranged a meeting in Dunedin last night for the “Stop Co-Governance”.

The hall was packed and all was set for a good meeting. The Police present were happy for it to proceed.

The Boy Scouts stopped the meeting (it was to be held in the hall they used) because a spokesman for them said “We were disappointed to see the Police take a stance of enabling the hate speech to continue, and for Julian Bachelor and others to be free to make false claims about maori people [who’s actually making the false claims? —Eds] with no accountability”.   The Boy Scouts said that the meeting “did not align with their values, and the values of the organisation”.

Basically they are saying that the Boy Scout movement is against democracy and aligns with Apartheid. Those were not the principles I was taught when I belonged to them!

But the meeting organisers had a victory over the radical racists:

from Stop-Co-Governance

Victory In Dunedin!

We experienced a great victory in Dunedin last night.

I mean, a really great victory!

We hired an upstairs conference room at the Kensington Hotel which was perfect.

The room was packed!

Being upstairs, we were a long way from all the rabble congregating at the door of the hotel.

The Kensington Hotel staff were incredible. 

Please support this hotel by going and having meals and drinks there.

They have been hammered on-line by protesters making up fake negative Google reviews.

This just shows the dark hearts and minds of the protesters and how their moral compass is spinning.

They condemn themselves with their behaviour.

They turned up on mass with their usual loud hailers, people dressed in monkey suits, and limp placards.

Some even climbed onto the roof of the hotel to try to get in.

Interestingly, rats demonstrate the same behaviour when trying to enter domestic homes.

Such a sad lot, really.

We had six of our team helping the two Kensington Hotel security staff.

So eight security people in total.

Upstairs, where the conference was being held, we had perfect conditions – no interruptions, warm open fires, a beautiful character room with amazing seating.

It was such a treat.

One had to listen hard to even hear the protesters. They were irrelevant. Just how it should be.

The ‘vibe’ in the room was just so lovely – people all hungry to listen and learn, lots of humour, good questions, and we were able to get food and drinks on tap from the hotel.

Truly, it was the perfect venue. After the half time break in the seminar, people returned with drinks, hot chips, and all kinds of other food. Wow!

There was a HUGE sense of team in the room – people were dead keen and motivated to now get one of Julian’s books to everyone in Dunedin and the surrounding rural areas.

This team in Dunedin are just incredible.

So hospitable, so eager to help, so willing to muck in, no matter what the cost. So loving and caring.

They have saving the country in their cross hairs.

They are battlers with huge hearts.

I have to say, Geoff the Bee Man (that’s what he likes to be called), the man who organized everything in the bottom of the South Island for us, has done a sterling job.

A group of men came with Geoff and they are going to go to Balclutha, the next event, to support Julian

Julian will spend today meeting with the Dunedin leadership team to plan the way forwards.