Contrary to what you might have heard, Putin is the voice of reason and America’s neocons are Dr. Strangelove-grade psychotics.

From the editors of Strategic Culture at

The United States – the only country that ever used atomic weapons in war, and that on a largely civilian population – has the staggering audacity to warn the world about the “real risk” of Russia using nukes.

The real risk to world peace stems from the crazy warmongering Western powers who are deceiving their own public about their criminal provocations.

U.S. President Joe Biden told a fundraising rally in California last week (June 19) that he feared Russian leader Vladimir Putin could resort to using nuclear weapons over the Ukraine conflict. Biden is gaslighting like a deranged psychopath who needs to distract from his own family’s sleazy corruption and his criminal warmongering.

It is the U.S. and its Western allies that have repeatedly feigned an issue of the war in Ukraine going nuclear amid allegations that Russia is the villain with a barbaric plan. The profanity is that the U.S.-led NATO alliance has recklessly escalated the conflict and yet Biden poses as a voice of sanity warning about the catastrophic danger; the catastrophic danger that his decisions (or those of the imperial deep state that he slavishly follows) have created.

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