NZ Doctor Appealing Suspension for Covid ‘Misinformation’.

On Wednesday, 28 June, Dr Alison Goodwin’s appeal against the decision of the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) to suspend her Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) will be heard. Dr Goodwin is appealing the extreme decision on the basis that it breached her right to freedom of expression and was an overreach of the MCNZ’s power.  The case will be heard in Wellington District Court, 49 Ballance Street, starting at 10:00 am. A rally of public support is expected. (Please meet before 10am). [The Stuffers are sure to make a thing of it; no-one may criticise their idols: Hipkins/HER/Bloomfield/Pinky/Baker, etc. —Eds]

Despite no patient complaints, no evidence of harm being caused, and without considering that she may have helped people, the MCNZ suspended Dr. Goodwin’s APC and later imposed conditions detailing what she could say in public and restricting what she could prescribe to treat patients with Covid-19.