I want to share an incredible story that highlights the importance of medical autonomy and individual choice. It revolves around Dr. Elena Bishop, a pathologist who found herself arguing for her medical rights and the extenuating circumstances of her situation.

In this article on the blog, we delve into Dr. Bishop’s story of how she risked everything when she spoke for informed patient consent and the right to decline medical treatment.

Despite the fact that her job did not require direct contact with patients or fellow doctors, she was unjustly prohibited from practicing–even after proactively working with her boss to set up a work-from-home environment.

Dr. Bishop’s story highlights the broader issue of medical autonomy and the right to choose or refuse treatment based on informed consent.

It also raises concerns about the suppression of important voices in the medical community.

To read the full blog post and learn more about Dr. Elena Bishop’s resilience, click here.

Anna McLoughlin, NZDSOS Communications Team