*Older readers may remember the TV game show, wherein celebrity panelists guessed occupations of the contestants by asking them questions to which they just answered yes or no. It was famously satired in the 1977 movie Kentucky Fried Movie as ‘What’s My Perversion?’

Hunter Biden And The White House Blow…

Sports betting odds place Hunter Biden as being a 2 to 1 favorite as being the culprit who left behind a bag of (mostly used) cocaine at the White House.

We at GrrrGraphics will take the odds and bet on Hunter as being the guilty party who left the baggie behind. After all, it fits his modus operandi. He left his laptop behind. He left a crack pipe in a rental car. He left his own daughter behind. The man leaves a sloppy trail of criminality wherever he goes. He always gets away with it because he’s the son of the very corrupt Joe Biden.

Hunter will get away with it again. Or will he?

— Ben Garrison

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