by Geoffrey Churchman

Readers who receive the Kapiti Observer freebie newspaper (our household hasn’t for quite some time) will see this on the front page (the screenshot is from the Neighbourly website), which understandably has riled a lot of people.

Repeating an earlier article in The Post (which our household doesn’t get either) it was revealed that Mr Bolger’s Coastal Advisory Panel has decided it believes that the sea level will rise about 2 metres by the year 2100 (see this article) and is recommending “managed retreat” along much of the coast. Raumati has been contentious for a long time — but Bolger’s panel thinks bizzarely, that hundreds of Otaki, Peka Peka and Te Horo properties are at risk of inundation by 2130.

The matter was presented by a council staffer at the Raumati Community Board meeting last Tuesday and a public meeting is being held on it this Saturday in the Raumati Beach Bowling Club, details below.

Bede Laracy, the chair of the RCB says: “the meeting on Saturday is the first in a series of public meetings that will occur as part of the CAP process. The first stage is to assess what things matter to Raumati residents. That has been planned for some months. As a Board we saw the importance of Raumati residents being made aware of the process. As such, we arranged for a presentation from staff to occur at our Board meeting on Tuesday to help people enter the CAP process with at least some understanding of the process. We are the only Community Board that has done this, and we petitioned Council and Jim Bolger directly in order to achieve it. Whatever people’s views of CAP, we see it as crucial that local Raumati citizens engage with the process to ensure we have as broad a range of views as possible represented. The mistake would be to refuse to engage, as by doing so lots of important perspectives won’t be included in the assessment.”

From the outset of this Council-appointed Panel, Mr Bolger has made clear that he is a religious Climatism zealot and believes that sea levels are rising even when there is a lack of evidence to that effect, in fact to the contrary; the beaches of north Paraparaumu and Waikanae (at least) are accreting and those who have read the several previous articles on the subject will have seen ample evidence that claims of a 2 metre sea level rise over the next 77 years are bunkum.

It should be noted that Climatism has been an editorial stance held by Stuff too, and it gives no coverage to data that conflicts with it.

The Costal Advisory Panel should be disestablished and its proclamations ignored.

The below flyers have been circulating on the coast, but Coastal Ratepayers United emphasise that they are not involved with their production or distribution.