They really are pushing hard for the UN Agenda 2030.

by Peter Imanuelsen

The elites are working on a new agenda and you were not told about it. They call it “The New Agenda”. You might have heard about it by another name, namely Agenda 2030.

Thought you could avoid getting brainwashed by throwing away your TV and not watching the news? Well, think again. Now they are pushing “The New Agenda” on your phone.

Yes, in their own documentation, the UN calls Agenda 2030 for “The New Agenda”. That sounds very similar to something else that we are told is just a crazy conspiracy theory.

Now I came across something very interesting. They are pushing this agenda very hard right now, trying to get people to accept and support it. I guess they have noticed that people do not actually want to eat the bugs and own nothing….

On the latest Samsung Galaxy phone, they now come pre-installed from the factory with the Agenda 2030 app to tell you about how wonderful this new agenda really is. Over 300 million phones now have this app installed.

In the app they tell you how important it is to follow “The New Agenda”, in fact, they are working to implement it in full.“We are working on getting back on track for the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda” – Samsung Agenda 2030 app

So what is this Agenda 2030?

They have outlined various different “Global Goals” that they have decided must be implemented and followed. Of course, one of the main ones is called “Climate Action”.Another one is “Gender Equality”, in other words, to implement the feminist agenda.Guess what is really good for the environment according to “The New Agenda”? Migration!

“The 2030 Agenda…recognizes that migration is a powerful driver of sustainable development”

15 minute cities

Ever wondered where the idea of 15 minute cities come from and why they are seemingly pushing this all over the place at the same time? Welcome to Global Goal number 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities.In fact, the reason they are seizing the farms from the Dutch farmers is because of Agenda 2030. They need to reduce their emissions by the year 2030 as outlined in this agenda.

The secret agenda

Most people don’t know that this agenda is being planned behind their backs, by the elites that nobody voted for. And the mainstream media is of course not talking about this, and if they are, they are talking about it in a positive manner, brainwashing people into supporting the Agenda 2030.

But this should not come as a surprise. Bill Gates, who not long ago donated a whopping US$ 1.27 BILLION towards funding the “Global Goals” outlined in “The New Agenda”, has also donated $319 million to the Mainstream Media. Of course the media will support it.