by Geoffrey Churchman

Obviously rattled by their Party’s 29% of the vote status in their own commissioned poll, the Labourites in TV One News have emulated Stuff’s gutter politics by going after candidates of the two main opposition parties in an attempt to vilify and discredit them. First up are Act candidates.

Today their news team, by their own admission, went through thousands of social media posts over the last 2 years by all the candidates to find ones that they could then tell David Seymour about in order to get a negative comment from him about them. See this article.

This is a common Labour Party tactic as I found out myself via Joel Maxwell back in 2019 about a certain vile local member.

And then newsreader Simon Dallow had the nerve to effectively ask the reporter, “How much have we damaged Act by doing this?”

In reality, it’s hard to imagine many potential Act voters being put off by negative comments about Jabcinda and her dishonesty, and they are quite likely to be held by the vast majority of them. Indeed, it’s probable they would have been helpful in getting votes.

This is just the latest example of the pernicious political bias of TV1 News. As author Amy Brooke says, boycott them. Watching them is bad for one’s blood pressure.