from Nicola Willis, National’s Finance Spokesperson

Yesterday Chris Hipkins said that New Zealand’s “economic fundamentals are in good shape.”

What a shocker.

Despite Hipkins’ assertion about New Zealand’s economic fundamentals, the reality is very different. 

After six years of wasting billions of extra dollars with little to show for it, New Zealand’s economy has fallen into recession.

There are Kiwis struggling to pay their bills every single day and whose mortgages are simply becoming too much to handle.

Inflation is running at 6% driving a prolonged cost of living crisis. Wages aren’t keeping up with inflation and mortgage repayments are too much for many Kiwis to handle

New Zealand is the only country in the Asia-Pacific region in recession.

IMF forecasts indicate we’ll have one of the worst economic growth rates in the world next year — putting jobs and incomes at risk.

Every Kiwi in the country knows these are not sound economic fundamentals, except apparently Chris Hipkins who has shown just how out of touch he is with the lives of every day Kiwis.

New Zealanders deserve competent economic management.  

This election the choice is clear – a strong, stable National-led Government that will rebuild the economy to reduce the cost of living and help Kiwis get ahead, including with well-deserved tax relief for the squeezed middle.

Or three more years of a high taxing, high spending Labour-led government that is out of touch with reality and lacks the plans and ideas needed to address the issues facing New Zealanders.

Let’s get our country back on track.