Kelly-Jay Keen Minshull (Posie Parker) plans to return to New Zealand next week, primarily to attend the judicial proceedings of the individual who assaulted her in Albert Park in March. 

Predictably, like last time, activists are calling for the Minister of Immigration, Andrew Little, to deny her entry into the country. A petition has been set up by the Trans Liberation Alliance, and claims Posie Parker “causes demonstrable risk of harm to our public”. Over 3,000 have already signed it; nevermind the fact that in March the violence didn’t come from Parker or her supporters, but those who sought to employ unlawful force to shut down her event.

In March, we joined the High Court case arguing in favour of the Government’s decision to allow her to enter New Zealand, and free speech won the day. Once again, we need to stand up and defend the basic right for individuals to believe according to their conscience, and to speak freely. 

The howl of a mob must not become the standard for who we let enter New Zealand. This attempt at authoritarian censorship can’t be allowed to stand. 

We need to be the counterweight to this intolerance. 

Sign our public letter now

Over 23,000 New Zealanders signed our public letter following the Albert Park incident. This was crucial to get the series of meetings we’ve had with the Police Commissioner and to get the Independent Police Conduct Authority to take this issue seriously. 

Make your own mind up about whether what Posie Parker claims is true, but denying her right to speak denies others the right to make up their own minds.  

We’ve also been preparing for the legal challenge we anticipate will be brought to stop Parker’s re-entry. This work isn’t cheap, though. 

Together, our voices will make a difference again as we stand together for free speech. 

Thanks for joining your name with ours.

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Dr David Cumin
Council Member
Free Speech Union

Update: It looks as if Posie Parker has cancelled this trip because of the threats of Leftist violence and the uninterest by the Coster Mob in stopping it.