by Ross Muir

In response to David Seymour’s comments at ACT’s election campaign launch, Luxon said;

We just don t support the cogovernance of public services and that is something that has been different from what has happened in say, the previous National government, where there was co-governance in the context of Treaty settlements and the management of local natural resources between iwi and also district councils and other stakeholders, and I think that worked incredibly well and I want to see more of that continue. –RNZ

He has changed his public tune from “co-governance” to “co-management”. What sort of idiots does he take us for ? It is the same thing!

Look at the last sentence in the picture below

Only ACT and NZ first can save us.

Luxon is too arrogant to listen to anybody, even his own caucus members are clearly told to “get in behind” regardless of how wrong Luxon is.

by Hugh Perrett

We have written/e-mailed numerous times to key National MPs making it quite clear that in common with the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders, we’re totally opposed to co-governance which is clearly 180 degrees to our democratic system. We expecting National to reverse, totally unwind and completely dismantle and abolish co-governance and thus to recapture our democratic system and re-instate/re-establish it completely with its values, rights and integrity fully intact totally without compromise.

This includes eliminating the ‘final say’ Maori-only veto rights associated with co-governance.

Co-governance is effectively Maori rule of New Zealand together with Maori effective ownership/control of all our key natural resources to exploit as they wish to the absolute detriment of all non-Maori New Zealanders.

This is totally unacceptable!

Further, National will, as a matter of absolute priority, halt, reverse, fully unwind and totally dismantle the comprehensive range of Maorification policies implemented/established under Labour’s Maorification agenda during the past 6 years — without exception — again fully recapturing and restoring our democratic system and fully preserving its rights, values and integrity going forward.

To ensure there is no confusion, Maori are not indigenous. Like us, they arrived by sea in their [marine vessels]. They too were ‘colonisers’, but in their case not based on introducing civilisation but based around a genocidal intent to totally eradicate/wipe-out the established Moriori race which they effectively achieved.

We owe them nothing in this regard — they are no more indigenous anyone else.

Hugh Perrett, a member of the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame, is the former managing director of Foodstuffs and founder of the Pak n’ Save discount grocery chain.