It looks very much as if there has been a concerted and coordinated campaign by the Labour Party and all its members in the Legacy Media to go through ACT and National candidates’ social media accounts and dredge up whatever heritical (to Leftist ideology) statements they can find, no matter how far back they go, and make a fuss about them.

on the RNZ website

National’s candidate for Hamilton East, under fire for previous anti-fluoride and anti-mandate comments, has told RNZ his comments in the past were “rash” but would not say when he had changed his mind.

RNZ revealed Ryan Hamilton had voiced support for groups that spread misinformation about fluoridation.

In social media posts, Hamilton claimed Covid-19 deaths data had been inflated and once said poverty was not a reason to fluoridate water because “most lower socio economics filled their tap water with Raro”.

RNZ has put multiple interview requests to Ryan Hamilton since the beginning of last week. In a brief interview on Monday, Hamilton he said he had apologised for the remarks and now stated a clear position.

“Look, I made this comment nearly a decade ago, and it was a rash comment, and I apologise for it.

“Our focus right now is on the economy, cost of living, law and order, and improving health and education outcomes. That’s really all my focus is on at the moment – and winning, winning the election and improving our party vote position.”

In another post, Hamilton praised ‘Fluoride Free Hamilton and NZ’, a group that has published extensive misinformation about fluoride. In 2016, he said he was “with the minority” in opposition to fluoride and had been for 22 years.

Well good for Ryan Hamilton — he’s perfectly entitled to be opposed to putting poison in the water supply if he wants to be. Waikanae Watch has examined this issue in past and our position has been that people should not have something they don’t want to consume forced on them. And who is deciding that it’s misinformation? The Labour Party?

And good on Ryan Hamilton for being opposed to mandates for that useless and dangerous substance, imposed on the population by Comrades Jacinda and Chipkins.

All Radio NZ is doing by this is showing that it is politically biased and should no longer be funded by the Taxpayer — they should get their operating money from the Labour Party and/or advertisers instead!