The left-leaning news channel, CNN, recently hit an all-time low among the 24-54 age group.

That’s the demographic most favored by advertisers, but CNN’s weekend political shows racked up a mere 55,000 viewers. There are many political commentators on the Internet who are currently receiving more views. “Salty Cracker,” for instance, attracts up to six times more viewers than CNN. That said, the big advertisers want nothing to do with truth-tellers such as Salty Cracker. CNN has globalist corporations who support the content CNN puts out. Average Americans don’t want to hear it, but the globalists want them to.

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I recently heard one of CNN’s paid flunkies refer to Hunter in sympathetic terms. He said Hunter’s behavior was ’sloppy,’ but there was nothing illegal going on. He said the charges made by many Republicans were being made for drama purposes only and they had zero evidence to back up their charges. He said the baseless allegations have long been disproven. That isn’t journalism, it’s covering up real crimes committed by the Biden family. No wonder people won’t watch CNN.

We’ve all had enough of their obvious propaganda.

— Ben Garrison